History of Omega


Omega collector watches

Over its 160-year history, OMEGA has taken part in some formidable adventures like the conquest of space and the depths of the oceans. The company has a century of high-quality sports timing and a reputation for precision that surpasses that of other brands. You can navigate at your ease through these great moments of our history by clicking on the years of the timeline.

For more than 160 years, OMEGA has been inspired by its pioneering spirit: six moon landings, creation of the first dive watches and the only watch in the world to be equipped with a certified marine chronometer. No other watch manufacturer enjoys a better reputation for precision. OMEGA, the official timekeeper of 24 Olympic Games, is also the world leader in sports timing. OMEGA is proud of this Olympic legacy, but its main commitment has always been the watchmaking innovations that led to the launch of the exclusive Co-Axial mechanism with the first new generation exhaust for 250 years. These technical feats are the result of the dynamism and the spirit that make OMEGA one of the world leaders in watchmaking since 1848.