History of Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe collector watches

Patek Philippe company was founded in Geneva in 1839 by the Polish artist Antoine Norbert de Patek and the Polish watchmaker François Czapek. Antoine Norbert de Patek had fled Poland and had arrived in Geneva. The two partners were in disagreement and Czapek gave way to the French engineer Adrien Philippe whom Antoine Norbert de Patek met in Paris during an exhibition.

It was this engineer who invented a pocket watch that could easily be retrofitted (by a crown) and it was also he who adapted the pantograph for the manufacture of watches (if required by the company). The brand was taken over by the Stern family in 1932, which still owns it. Patek Philippe specializes in high quality watchmaking. The firm is one of the few to have archived the contact information of all its customers since the beginning of its activity. They have created a lot of novelty such as the bracelet watch for women, or even winding watches (easy to remount). Since 1845, it has filed more than 70 patents